Driver Partner Program

Join as Driver Partner in Vahan Chalak

Welcome in Vahan Chalak ! We are excited to invite dedicated and professional drivers to join our team as Driver Partners. As a Driver Partner, you’ll have the opportunity to provide exceptional Driver services and be part of a growing and reputable business in the transportation industry.

Benefit Of Driver Partner Program

Instant Ride Payment

You will get your payment as soon as the ride is completed.

self-boss work environment

Here you are your own boss, you don’t have to work under anyone.

good source of income

Here you get a chance to earn very good income

Commission Structure

Below is the breakdown of the driver commission rates:

  1. 1st 15 Day Commission: Drivers receive a commission of 60% for the first 15 days.
  2. After 15 Days: Following the initial 15 Days, the commission rate increases to 70%.
  3. 100% Attendance (Month): Drivers who maintain perfect attendance for the entire month are rewarded with ₹1000.
  4. Below ₹500 Ride : if Total Fare of Ride is Below ₹500 Then Your Commission is 90%.
  5. Return Customer Rides Extra: If you provide services to a customer and that customer asks for services again, you will be given ₹50 as a reward.
  6. Good Feedback or Review on Google Reward: if Customer Satisfied by Your Service and Give 5 Star Feedback on Google with mention your name then Company will Give you ₹50 as Reward*

This commission structure aims to incentivize drivers to provide excellent service and maintain a high level of attendance.

1st 15 Day Commission60%
After 15 Days70%
100% Attendance ( Month)₹ 1000 as Reward*
Below ₹500 Ride Fare90%
Repeat Customer Ride Extra*₹ 50/ each Customer*
Good Feedback on Google ₹ 50/review*
Commission Structure

Uniform & Id Card Charges

The charges for uniform, ID card and Agreement will be refunded to you after completion of 1 year. If you leave the Company before 1 year, then you will have to pay these charges yourself. This Amount company will not refund you.

Id Card₹200
Agreement ₹800
Uniform & Id Card Charges

*If any booking comes in 24 hours then you will have to go.

Eligibility to join the Driver Partner Program

  • Valid Driver License.
  • Have a clean driving record.
  • Be punctual, reliable, and customer-oriented.
  • Have Bike For reaching Clients.
  • You will bear the travel expenses to reach the customer.
  • Minimum 25 Year’s Age & Max 45yrs
  • Minimum 5 Year Experience of Driving
  • Must Have Police Verification.
  • Must be a resident of the local city.
  • Must Have GPS Knowledge.
  • ₹2000 As Advance Reserved For Any Dispute Happened.

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